Messy Church

mc_logo_midsml.JPGThe first Messy Church began in 2004 when a group at St Wilfrid's in Cowplain near Portsmouth were frustrated because, as a church, they felt they were hardly reaching any children with God's story.They had lovely buildings and facilities but weren't using them enough. They had wonderful creative people in the church, and their area needed as much community-building as possible, so messy church was born. It is now an international movement aiming to help families grow together in their walk of faith, not to see Christianity as something you grow out of when you're eleven.

Messy Church at St. Paul's

We started in January 2012, and currently meet about six times a year in the church hall from 4 until 6 pm. A different bible theme is explored each time through various creative activities for children (and adults- this really is all age!). There are also games to play if desired, and some toys for the toddlers. The theme is summed up during a very short service and then we all sit down to tea together. Come as a family or on your own; everyone is welcome to join in.

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Boy making biscuits treats
Making eats