Christingle…is a Children’s Celebration in which we place the child in the midst of all we do, just as the Christ – Child is the centre of all our lives. At the climax of the service, each child receives a lighted Christingle and in the magical moment of the darkened Church, the visual symbol tells the truth of the Christmas story, – that in the darkness of the world there has shined a great light.

During our service, a collection is taken in aid of the Children's Society. Collection boxes are distributed to all the children at the Curzon School, and these are brought to the service.

2013, November 24 - 4:00pm
2014, November 30 - 4:00pm
2015, November 29 - 4:00pm
2016, November 27 - 4:00pm
2017, November 26 - 4:00pm
2018, November 25 - 4:00pm
2019, November 24 - 4:00pm
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