Baptism, which is also referred to as Christening, is a special and happy event in the life of a child or adult in which all the family can share.  It also marks the beginning of an individual's journey of faith with God.  The church community very much appreciates the opportunity to share in the event and to celebrate the new relationship being formed between the individual and God, so baptism within a regular service is a real opportunity to welcome the new member of the church.

Of course in today's situation with young children and where families are often living far apart, getting to a morning service for baptism can present problems, so we also offer the alternative of a baptism at a time to suit the family.  Where this is the case we will also invite the parents to bring the child to a subsequent All Age Service where we can formally welcome him or her into the church community; where this has been possible it has been a very happy occasion for the family.

If you would like to know more about baptism for yourself (no one is ever too old!) or your child, then we will be most happy to provide advice and information, so please feel free to contact us.