Make a Donation

Keeping St Paul's running is entirely dependent on the generosity of its congregation, parishioners and visitors.

There are lots of costs associated with a church, not only those associated with maintaining a Victorian Grade II listed building, but also heating, lighting, insurance, organ and piano tuning graveyard maintenance and other equipment servicing expenses. In addition, we pay an annual amount to the diocese which goes towards the cost of employing our vicar and supporting the legal and administrative outgoings which are an intrinsic part of the Church of England.

Can you help?

For regular attenders at our services, we have the weekly collection, and an envelope giving scheme. If you would like to join this scheme, then please get in touch.

You can also give online using the page at

Here you may make a one-off donation or set up a regular payment.

If you are able, then you can also arrange to have Gift Aid added to your donation, the collection of which is managed by Stewardship.

Should you wish, this can all be done anonymously through this web page.